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Lefkada Island

Welcome to Lefkada, an island surrounded by the deep blue Ionian sea but so close to mainland Greece, that you can visit us by crossing a sort bridge. The scenery changes quickly as you move from the east to west side of the island. The east side has dense vegetation and smooth shores. The west side is steep but filled with endless sandy beaches. The capital of the island is a beautiful town build near the harbor. Nidri is the most popular spot in Lefkada, Poros, with the pebbled beach of Mikro Yialo and Agios Nikolaos a traditional fishing village. Also beautiful are Photothe mountain villages of Athani, Episkopu and Kalamitsi. By using a ferry boat you can explore the small island of Meganissi and have a view of the famous island of Scorpios which belongs to the heirs of Aristotle Onassis. Lefkada will impress anyone with its wild beauty, picturesque villages, sandy beaches and gorgeous scenery. See you soon...

Why Lefkada

The heart of Hellenic hospitality beats in Lefkada. Nature has generously endowed it. It gave it natural beauty, decorated it with beautiful sandy beaches and emerald seas. People just added what was necessary to make your stay unforgettable. One thing is certain; Lefkada has so many options to offer you during your stay on the island that it ensures your vacation from everyday life is full of pleasurable and truly unique experiences.

It is the only island with the easiest access. Sections of the EGNATIA Road and the underwater tunnel of PREVEZA – AKTIO accommodate the visitor from N.W. Greece. The floating bridge of the island, 50 meters in length, makes it easily accessible for the visitor, no matter where they are coming from, also saving time and money as they are not burdened with ferry boat and ship expenses.

The beaches of the island (Porto Katsiki, Eggremni, Gialos, Pefkoulia, Kathisma, Mylos, Ai Giannis, Gyra, Kastro, Mikros Gialos, Agiofylli etc.) are some of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean. The wonderful small and large beaches of our island offer a multitude of activities to choose from: sailing, wind surfing, kite surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, beach volley ball, diving and fishing are some of the activities that will make you forget all about your problems with special and unforgettable experiences.

Twenty four small and larger islands are strewn across the sea and comprise the Prefecture of Lefkada and this entire archipelagos with the variety of landscape and its differences, is a challenge to everyone to explore.

Lefkada is the island where the “groans from the seas, the groans from the pines” cultivated some of the most sensitive poetic souls and some of the leading individuals of Arts and Science at a pan-Hellenic, but also international scale. Aristotelis Valaoritis, our National poet, was inspired to write on the small island of Madouri. Still, Lefkada was a source of inspiration for the universal poet Aggelos Sikelianos who inspired the Delphic Idea. Also born in Lefkada was the National poet of Japan Lefkadios Hern or Iakumi Koizumi.

More than 30 Cultural associations are active in Lefkada with traditional dance groups, choirs, mandolin bands, serenade singers that are known across Greece but also on an international basis.Lekfada has had its own Philharmonic Orchestra since 1850. This active Association has made maximum contributions to the development of music education of the Lefkadites.In 1962 the International Folklore Festival was established and since then, every August the streets of the island fill with dancers from all over the world who set up the “mega dance”, the dance of Peace and solidarity of all people. Rich customs and traditions for you to actively participate in and have fun.

It offers the visitor many and interesting sites (Kastro, Museums, Libraries, Churches, Monasteries, etc.).

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